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Commissioned Artwork

As an Automotive Realism Artist, I am dedicated to providing bespoke pieces for all of my clients. I offer small batches of work for public sale each year, as my commissioned pieces are of highest priority.

Why Focus On Commissions?

Although there is a positive creative freedom aspect to creating originals and listing them for public sale, there is truly something special about creating commissioned pieces. Some believe that expectations lead to disappointment. I believe that expectations provide me with the opportunity to exceed them. As a car enthusiast, I truly feel the deep connection that an owner has with their vehicle. Thus, I take it upon myself to immortalize that vehicle on canvas to the best of my ability.

My philosophy? Every piece should be my best work.


From Picture to Painting

As a collaborative effort between two creatives in the automotive space, Alex Sczudlo (@Automotive_Alex) and I have set off to provide a new definition to "Dynamic Duo." 

Alex is a highly skilled automotive photographer who has been featured in publications such as "Carrera me Away," DuPont Registry, 2023 Best 10 Photos of Car Week, 2019 Barrett Jackson coverage, and Forbes. 

Provided her immense skill and dedication, her work is the peak example of the behind-the-scenes work that form the outcome of my complete acrylic paintings. 

For any prospective clients seeking a photographer for the perfect reference photo, Alex is an exceptional choice. To sweeten the deal, I am personally offering a discounted rate for commissioned paintings in partnership with her photography work. This discount also applies to past clients of Alex, providing equal opportunity for all of our mutual clients. 

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Through the Lense- Alex Sczudlo captures the beauty of automotive design

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